SEO Friendly Website Development Plan

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If you think that the concept of SEO is only restricted to the web design and the content of your site, you are making a mistake. During website development, the web developer has to create the infrastructure that can easily be crawled by the search engines. Hence, they are all equally interdependent upon each other. While doing a website redesign program, the developers usually prefer to create website using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla software because they are SEO friendly in nature. If you want to create a strong online presence then parity between the website developers and the designers is essential. They both need to include all those elements in a website for optimization. The web designers and developers must learn the tricks in order to create a successful site.


If you have stuffed too many codes during the website development, it becomes hard for the search engines to index your website. An expert web developer must organize the infrastructure and detect the disorganized codes to run the site without any error. Backlinks is an integral part of SEO; it brings in traffic to your site. The developers must make it sure that the links are not broken, otherwise you lose your chance of profitability.


If you are planning to include too much of images as well as flash, during website redesign process, you better be careful. Images or animation can definitely increase the aesthetic appeal but it is actually making your website weak from the point of SEO. Therefore, if your designers are bent on including the Flash animation, you better ask your web developer to create a HTML version of the same page.
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